Theres An Awful Time Of Trouble

There’s an awful time of trouble
Such as men have never known,
When God shall call the nations,
To gather at His throne;
And when that time shall come the saints
Shall lift their heads and cry;
For Him we’ve long been waiting,
But His coming draweth nigh.

For the coming of the Lord,
For the coming of the Lord,
For the coming of the Lord draweth nigh,
When this world shall be on fire,
And the dead shall rise again,
For the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

Jesus said “you’d know ’twas summer
When you’d see the fig-tree bloom,”
So likewise you’d know the end was near,
When He should come again,
When at midnight’s lonely hour,
We should hear the welcome cry,
“Go out, ye saints, to meet Him,
For His coming draweth nigh. [Refrain]

How oft we ask each other,
I wonder when He’ll come;
I get so tired of waiting,
It surely won’t be long;
For the angel said He’d come again,
The day He went on high;
And Jesus said, “Keep watching,
For my coming draweth nigh. [Refrain]

The last they ever saw Him,
‘Twas up at Bethany,
His disciples gathered ’round Him,
To hear what He might say;
He raised His hands to bless them,
As a chariot swept by,
And took Him up to Heaven,
But His coming draweth nigh. [Refrain]

We soon shall hear the trumpet,
That shall peal so loud and long;
‘Twill make the buried nations,
In the sea and under ground;
When, at midnight, startled millions,
Will to their windows fly;
To see the world on fire,
And the Savior drawing nigh. [Refrain]