Theres An Eye That Watches Oer Me

There’s an eye that watches o’er me,
Everywhere I’m called to go;
There’s a light that shines before me,
Brighter still the way will grow;
There’s a tender hand to guide me,
Thro’ the sunlight and the shade;
There’s a friend who walks beside me,
Ready to defend and aid.

Jesus is the precious friend,
Brightening life’s changeful story;
To His name be all the glory,
He will guide me and defend;
Joy, joy, happy songs ascend;
He will comfort me in sadness,
Fill my heart with peace and gladness,
Jesus is my precious friend.

O, to love this friend more dearly,
Yielding all my life to Him!
O, to trust Him more sincerely,
Whether skies be bright or dim;
Let my daily service praise Him,
Let my voice hosannas swell;
Grateful carols I would raise Him,
Jesus doeth all things well. [Refrain]

Never will this friend forsake me,
I would in His love confide,
Then whatever ills o’ertake me,
Peace shall in my soul abide;
O, how great is His salvation,
O, what mercy He’ll extend!
He my hope and expectation,
He, my everlasting friend. [Refrain]