Theres An Hour That Comes Like A Healing

There’s an hour that comes like a healing balm,
When evening shades are falling,
And we lay our cares at the Saviour’s feet,
His gift of grace recalling.

Lovingly now, fervently bow,
Welcome this hour of holy calm so sweet;
Lovingly now, fervently bow,
Breathing the pray’r of faith at Jesus’ feet.

‘Tis the hour of pray’r that renews our strength,
Makes Christian duty clearer,
‘Tis the hour of pray’r and its pow’r that draws
Our heav’nly home still nearer. [Refrain]

‘Tis the pray’r of faith that dispels our clouds,
Gives joy beyond expression,
For it fills our hearts and it crowns our lives
With all that’s worth possessing. [Refrain]