Theres Work To Do For The Master Now

There’s work to do for the Master now!
To each one He doth call:-
“Go labor in my vineyard ye,
For there is work for all!”
Even a cup of water,
If given in His name,
Hath its reward most surely,
And God will bless the same.

Then work for the Master, work today!
Go labor faithfully while you may.

So many souls in the darkness are,
That ne’er of Christ have heard;
Go show to them the light of truth,
As found in God’s own Word;
Guide thou the wary pilgrim,
Lest by the way He fall;
Haste with the word of comfort,
For there is work for all. [Refrain]

If but a brotherly smile is shown,
Or but a helpful word,
The angels round the throne of God
Will by the pow’r be stirred;
Then may we use our talents,
Tho’ they be few and small;
Waste not the precious moments,
For there is work for all. [Refrain]