They Come From The East And West They Co-1

They come from the East and West,
They come from the lands afar,
To feast with the King, to dine as His guest;
How blessed these pilgrims are!
Beholding His hallow’d face
A glow with a light divine;
Blest partakers of His grace,
As gems in His crown to shine.

Since Jesus has set me free,
I’m happy as heart can be;
No longer I bear the burden of care,
His yoke is so sweet to me.
My soul was as black as night,
But darkness as taken flight;
Now I shout the victory,
For Jesus has set me free.

I look on the great white throne,
Before it the ransom’d stand;
No longer are tears, no sorrow is known
Nor death in that goodly land.
My Savior has gone before,
Preparing the way for me;
Soon we’ll meet to part no more
Thru time of eternity. [Chorus]

The gates of that holy place
Stand open by night and day;
O look to the Lord who “giveth more grace,”
Whose love has prepar’d the way.
A home in those mansions fair
His hand hath reserv’d for all,
For the wedding feast prepare,
Obeying the gracious call. [Chorus]