They Crucified Him Who Knew No Sin

They crucified Him who knew no sin,
For the sin of the world He died;
The true Son of God upon that cross
For you, and you was crucified.

It was not the nails that held Him
Upon the cruel tree,
It was my sin that kept my Saviour
Dying there for me.

There flows in your veins the blood of Him
Who has thrust in His side the spear;
His guilt is your guilt, and can you stand
And look, and mock, nor shed a tear? [Refrain]

Your hand held the nails that pierc’d His hand,
And you laugh’d as He groan’d in pain;
Tho’ you turn away from Jesus now,
His eyes shall look in your again. [Refrain]

His hand is held out in love to you,
As His hand is held out for me;
And written upon His broken heart,
My name is all that I can see. [Refrain]