They Laid The Savior In A Grave

They laid the Saviour in a grave,
And placed a guard around;
They rolled a stone against the door,
And sentineled the ground.
For three long days in death He lay,
A man, and nothing more;
They saw no change and heard no sound,
He slept as all before
Had slept the last long sleep of death,
And lo, the stars shone o’er!

Awake, Thou Christ of Calvary!
Arise, O Son of God!
Behold, the day of days has come;
Go forth from out the sod!
Roll back the stone, hold wide the door,
Christ Jesus lives forevermore!

They watched until the bread of day,
In hopelessness, forlorn;
Then hurried to the sepulchre,
With hearts by sorrow torn.
They wondered who would roll away
The stone that barred the door,
But hastened on by love inspired
To serve their Lord once more,
When lo, an angel spake and said,
“He lives whom ye adore.” [Refrain]

They spread abroad the wondrous news,
That turned their night to day;
They told of Jesus, risen now,
Who bore their sins away.
Of how the Son of God who rose
Triumphant o’er the grave,
Was now alive for evermore,
The souls of men to save,
And far and wide, on ev’ry side,
Their witness glad they gave. [Refrain]

Oh, ye who wander on in sin,
Who dwell in darkest night,
To you the joyful news we bring,
And bid you seek the Light.
For lo! the resurrection day
Will soon again be here,
When He who rose so long ago,
Will suddenly appear,
And if ye now His life receive,
His voice ye then shall hear. [Refrain]