They Tell Us Of A Happy Land

They tell us of a happy land
That we have never seen,
Where fadeless flow’rs, on ev’ry hand,
Bloom in the meadows green.
There, never any sorrow is;
And happy angels sing
Glad anthems in the Summer-land,-
The land where God is King.

O heav’nly land, dear Summer-land!
How longs my heart for thee!
I long to join the ransomed band,
And there my Saviour see!

There is another happy land
That is not far away;
It is the land in which we live,
The land that’s ours today;
It is the land of kindly deeds
And loving words, and we
May make it like that other land
We some day hope to see. [Chorus]

Oh, let us do the best we can
To make this world of ours
A foretaste of the heav’nly land,
With its immortal flow’rs;
Let’s scatter, all the way along,
A sunshine born of love,
In which the flow’rs of good shall thrive
Like those in Heav’n above. [Chorus]