They Who That Sacred Office Bear

They, who that sacred office bear,
Who act in Jesus’ stead;
It should be their delight and care,
To be like Christ their head.

They should not seek for wealth on earth
Or what the world afford–
But act for things of greater worth,
The kingdom of their Lord.

The Christian Church on earth to build,
As Jesus gave command!
And to his wise disposals yield,
And trust his bounteous hand.

For their support the Lord provides,
Who ev’ry creature feeds:
And all that they may want besides,
He gives them as they need.

His ways to humans are unknown,
But full of love and grace!
Commit thy way to him alone,
And trust unto his ways.

His servants he will ne’er forsake!
They need not be afraid;
When in his cause they undertake
He gives them pow’r and aid.

Let no such anxious thoughts arise;
What shall we eat or wear?
The Lord who all your wants supplies,
Will make your wants his care.

In all afflictions and distress,
He bears them safely through;
He is their light, their life, and peace,
Whilst they act here below.