Thine Forever Thine Forever My Redeemer

Thine forever, thine forever,
My Redeemer, will I be;
On the altar lies my offering,
Consecrated now to thee;
All my fervent soul’s devotion
To thy service, Lord, I give;
For thy honor and thy glory
I will labor while I live.

Thine forever, thine forever,
Saviour, I am resting in thy love;
Thine forever, thine forever,
Saviour, I am resting sweetly in thy love.

Thine forever, thine forever,-
Oh, the rapture of my heart!
Thou my refuge and my comfort,
Thou my lasting portion art;
Casting ev’ry weight behind me,
I the christian race will run,
Trusting thee and taking courage,
Till the race my soul has won. [Refrain]

Where thou leadest I will follow,
Where thou bidst me I will go;
In the very front of battle
Fearless will I meet the foe;
I shall conquer through thy mercy,
I shall triumph through thy might,
I shall see thee in thy kingdom;
There will faith be lost in sight. [Refrain]