Thine Influence Lord Is Felt

Thine influence, Lord! is felt
Through nature’s ample round.
In heav’n, on earth, thro’ air and skies,
Thine energy is found.

Let others, swell’d with pride,
Of wisdom make their boasts:
Our wisdom and our strength must come
From thee, the Lord of hosts.

Father! thy Spirit grant,
To guide our doubtful way.
Thy truth shall scatter ev’ry cloud,
And make a glorious day.

Supported by thy grace,
We’ll do and bear thy will.
That grace shall make each burden light,
And ev’ry murmur still.

Cheer’d by thy smiles, we’ll tread
The gloomy path of death;
And, with the hope of endless bliss,
Resign to thee our breath.