Thine Iniquity Swells Like The Tide

Thine iniquity swells like the tide,
And the day of His vengeance is come;
Canst thy spirit His coming abide?
Canst thou bear the impenitent’s doom?

Precious soul, linger not!
Linger not on the storm-covered plain;
Precious soul, linger not!
Or thy life will be lost with the slain.

Oh, escape to the mountain of God!
Linger not on the storm-covered plain,
For the cloud of His wrath spreads abroad,
And ’tis death to thy soul to remain. [Chorus]

There are loved ones who stay with the lost!
There are treasures to think of and leave;
But thy soul is of infinite cost;
Break away from thine idols and live. [Chorus]

Being justified now by His blood,
Saved from wrath we shall be, by and by,
Cleansed from sin in this life giving flood,
We are ready to live and to die. [Chorus]