Thine Own O Loving Savior

Thine own, O loving Saviour,
Are bidden here by thee;
Thy passion’s fruits, thy favor,
Thyself thou givest free
To all who by thy grace and love
Are members of thy kingdom,
Now here, and then above.

We hear thine invitation;
We heed, O Lord, thy call;
The word of consolation
It spoken here for all
Who, drawn unto thy loving heart,
Would seek from thee a blessing
Ere from thy side they part. A-men.

For still in loving favor,
O Christ, thou drawest near
To lead us as our Saviour
Unto a Father dear;
A Father ready to forgive
The lost whom thou didst ransom,
Who by thy death shall live.

We would be thine forever
To do thy gracious will,
Let naught from thee us sever,
But keep us faithful still.
Here linger with us, Lord, in love,
Till we shall see thy glory
And feast with thee above.