Think It Not Strange When Oer Your Soul

Think it not strange when o’er your soul
Temptation’s dark billows roll;
The One who stood forever true,
Was tempted just like you.

O seek His face in hour of need,
He’ll lead you all life’s journey through;
He knoweth how to give you grace,
For Jesus was tempted like you.

This be your comfort, tempted one,
The way your Master has known;
He passed this dark deep valley thro’,
Forsaken, just like you. [Refrain]

Thor’ all the strife this was His sword,
‘Tis written “thus by the Lord;”
And when the fiends of Satan strove
The angels came with love. [Refrain]

Thus vanquished him who seeks today,
To tempt you from the way;
But He your courage will renew,
Was tempted just like you. [Refrain]