Think Of Jesus In The Morning

Think of Jesus, in the morning,
In the blush of summer day;
Or in winter’s chilly dawning,
When the skies are dull and grey:
Think of Him in cloud and sunshine!
Think of Him in storm and rain!
All He sends us has its mission,
Nothing doth He send in vain.

Think of Jesus, of His beauty,
In the crowded hours of day;
In the busy hours of duty,
When you cannot kneel and pray:
Just the thought that Jesus loves you
Will be cheering to your heart;
And with whisper’d words “I love Thee,”
Your will be the better part.

Think of Jesus, when in sorrow,
Or if friendless, lone or sad;
He will bring a bright tomorrow,
He will cheer and make you glad:
Casting all your care upon Him,
This is what He bids you do;
Gladly take His yoke upon you,
You will find it easy too.

Courage, then, for Jesus loves you;
Place your hand in His today;
Courage! though He sometimes proves you
By the trials of the way.
All will tend to make you stronger,
Make you firmer clasp His hand,
Till at last you joyful enter,
Welcomed, to the Glory-land.