Thinly Hangs The Veil Between

Thinly hangs the veil between
Earthly things and things unseen,
Just beyond our mortal sight
Lies the land of love and light.

Some day, some day, then I shall see
When Jesus lifts the veil for me;
Then I shall know his wondrous grace,
And read life’s lesson in his face.

Thinly hangs the veil between
Barren wastes and fields of green,
Just beyond the thorns that tear
Bloom celestial flowers fair. [Refrain]

Thinly hangs the veil between
Missing forms and forms unseen,
Just beyond our tearful sight
Dwell the angel hosts in white. [Refrain]

Thinly now that veil divides
Stormy seas and peaceful tides,
Just beyond our closing eyes
Gleam the shores of Paradise. [Refrain]