This Day Is Spent The Night Is Come

This day is spent, the night is come,
And I am nearer to my home:
That home which will for evermore,
Remain when this my home is o’er.

O has it been my wish and care,
For that long home still to prepare;
Has not my precious time run waste,
Just as the day that now is past.

Now when I lay these things to heart,
And view myself in ev’ry part;
When I research myself and see,
What guilt may then be charg’d on me.

Hadst thou not spared me through grace,
O what would be my present case!
My soul would with this day have fled,
Into the regions of the dead.

O may it be thy gracious will,
To keep me in they favour still;
Grant me this night to rest in peace,
Secur’d in Christ, my righteousness.

To thee, O gracious Lord I pray,
Let all my sins be done away!
I plead the merits of thy Son,
For all the evils I have done.

And should I die before I ‘wake,
Unto thyself my spirit take:
My body in the grave to rest,
Until I rise with all thy bless’d.