This Day Shall Be Gods Day

This day shall be God’s day as I go along,
Each hour and each moment to Him shall belong;
My service and talents whate’er they may be
Belong to my Saviour who gave all for me.

This day shall be God’s day, His way shall be my way,
And glad is the day when I make His way mine;
God’s day is the best day, His way is the best way,
He leads and I follow His leading divine.

This day shall be God’s day, whate’er He may choose,
I will not deny Him, I will not refuse,
What I may be needing His love will supply;
To His precious children no good He’ll deny. [Chorus]

This day shall be God’s day-my Father knows best
Just what I am needing-in His love I rest;
He leadeth me onward each step of the way,
And gladly I follow thro’ all of God’s day. [Chorus]

Each day shall be God’s day till, with Him above,
All days shall be one day made glad by God’s love;
So onward I journey one day at a time,
Each day with the presence of God made sublime. [Chorus]