This Feast Was Jesus High Behest

This feast was Jesus’ high behest,
This cup of thanks his last request.
Ye, who can feel his worth, attend:
East, drink, in mem’ry of your friend.

Around the patriot’s bust ye throng;
Him ye exalt in swelling song;
For him the wreath of glory bind,
Who freed from vassalage his kind.

And shall not he your praises reap,
Who rescues from the iron sleep?
The great Deliverer, whose breath
Unbinds the captives e’en of death?

Shall he, who, sinful men to save,
Became a tenant of the grave,
Unthank’d, uncelebrated, rise,
Pass unremember’d to the skies?

Christians! unite with loud acclaim,
To hymn the Saviour’s welcome name.
On earth extol his wondrous love;
Repeat his praise in worlds above.