This Globe Of Earth With All Its Stores

This globe of earth, with all it’s stores,
The greater, and the less;
The world, and them that dwell therein,
Jehovah doth possess.
For, in surrounding fluids, he
It’s sure foundations laid;
His powerful word, it firm, unmoved
On rowling floods, hath stayed.

Who is the happy man, that shall
The mount of God ascend?
Who, standing in his holy place,
Before him shall attend?
‘Tis he, whose hands are clean from wrong,
Whose heart is pure from stains;
Whose soul’s not raised to vanity,
And a false oath disdains.

This is the man, whom thou, O Lord,
Abundantly will bless:
And God, his Savior, will him crown
With perfect righteousness.

This is the pious happy race,
Shall view thy blessed abode;
Who now, with true devotion, seek
The face of Jacob’s God.

Second Part

Come then, my soul, unbar the gates,
Immortal doors give way;
That, with his graces, enter in,
The King of glory may.
Who is this King of glory? Who?
The strong and mighty God,
The Lord in battle mighty, he
In triumph glorious rode.

Ye heavenly gates lift up your heads,
Eternal doors give way;
That enter, with his train of saints,
The King of glory may.
Who is this King of glory? Who?
The Lord of Host, renowned
Through all the realms of heaven and earth,
He’s King of glory crowned.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,