This Is For Us A Happy Day

This is for us a happy day,
Come let us join to sing and pray?
And him our blessed Lord adore,
Who lives and reigns for evermore.

Glad hallalujahs let us sing,
To Jesus our great Lord and King/
In spite of all that did oppose,
He rose and conquer’d all his foes.

The Cross, the Nail and bloody Spear,
He never more shall need to fear;
His death distroy’d the powers of death,
And all the force of Hell beneath.

The happy news the angels bought,
To those who Jesus early sought;
It is to us the very same,
With them we join to praise his name.

As Jesus from the grave did rise,
So shall we too be rais’d likewise;
Our bodies raised from the tomb,
Will fit them for the life to come.

There like bless’d Angels we shall be,
With them the face of Jesus see:
We shall enjoy him as he is,
In full fruition life and peace.