This Is Merry Christmas

This is merry Christmas Day,
All joy is abounding;
Children join the happy lay,
Sweet music is sounding;
Gladdest day of all the year,
Christmas time again is here;
Sing for joy, sing for joy,
Glad Christmas is here.

Christmas, happiest day!
Christmas, merry and gay!
Ring the joy-bells far and near,
For Christmas again is here.

This is merry Christmas Day,
Hark! joy-bells are ringing;
In the steeples swing and sway,
Good tidings they’re bringing;
Joy and peace their chiming tells,
Mellow, silver throated bells;
Gaily ring, gaily ring,
Sweet silvery bells. [Refrain]

This is merry Christmas Day,
Cease now from thy sadness;
Everyone is bright and gay,
Come, share in the gladness;
Sing for joy this happy morn,
Christ the Lord today is born;
Sing today, sing today,
Our Savior is born. [Refrain]