This Is My Salvation Jesus Died For Me

This is my salvation, Jesus died for me,
Bought and sealed my pardon on the Cross of Calvary;
For my soul’s redemption there is naught to do,
O accept it, sinner, for it is for you.

I’ll never, never deny myself my share in His atonement;
I’ll never, never deny myself salvation thro’ the blood,
For when He died on the cross for me,
He bought and sealed my pardon,
And make me an heir and a son of God.

Praying, yes, and dying, Jesus spoke to me,
Prayed for my forgiveness, died to make me ever free;
Free from condemnation, ’tis a message true,
O believe it, sinner, for it was for you. [Refrain]

Wonderful salvation! Grace so rich and free
Well deserves a life surrendered e’er His own to be;
Fully consecrated e’er His will to do,
Enter in, believer, for it is for you. [Refrain]