This Is The Chosen Day Of God

This is the chosen day of God,
The brightest and the fairest,
The Lady thou of all the feasts,
The Queen of all, and rarest;
Now let our songs of blessing soar
To Thee, O Christ, for evermore.

O glorious Resurrection day!
With fruit of vine the newest;
Come, let us taste the heavenly draught,
And joy with joy the truest;
To Thee, O Christ, our praises soar,
Who art our God for evermore.

O Zion, lift thine eyes, behold
The lights that shine around thee
From east and west, and north and south,
Thy children now surround thee;
And in thy streets their praises soar,
To Thee, O Christ, for evermore.

Almighty Father! Word Divine!
O spirit co-eternal!
In persons three, in nature one,
O God of power supernal!
Baptized in Thee, our praises soar,
And Thee we bless for evermore.

Hymns of the Greek Church,