This Is The Day Which The Lord Hath Us G

This is the day that the Father hath giv’n;
Greatly His people rejoices.
Open today are the portals of heav’n,
Lift now in gladness your voices;
For on this day of rejoicing
Jesus ascended with glorious might;
Sent us His Spirit with grace and light:
Gladly His praise we are voicing.

Grant us, O Master, Thy wisdom and grace;
Enter this Sunday our dwelling.
Millions unnumbered from every race
Happy Thy praises are swelling;
We, too, would praise Thee with gladness.
Freely Thy Spirit attends our need,
Blessing Thy people in word and deed,
Bringing rejoicing for sadness.

Lend us, O Savior, Thine high altar’s fire
As in Thy house we assemble.
With Thine own presence our spirits inspire
Till we in ecstasy tremble;
Ever our joy be increasing.
Easter and Whitsun from Christmas grew:
Thus shall each Sunday our joy anew
Spring from Thy mercy unceasing.

Quicken and strengthen Thy people today;
Bless them, O Lord, at Thine altar.
Speak to us, counsel us, Saviour, we pray,
Sanction Thy Gospel and psalter.
Yea, my we know by Thy Spirit:
We are Thy people, to grace restored;
Full of compassion art Thou, O Lord;
We shall Thy glory inherit.