This Is The Doctrine Christians Need To

This is the doctrine christians need,
To know and firmly b’lieve;
That Jesus Christ will raise the dead,
And cause them all to live.

This will support and bear them up,
In trouble, war and strife;
For this affords a living hope
Of everlasting life.

Has Jesus died and rose again?
Then it must needs be true:
That these, our hopes, are not in vain!
We shall be raised too.

The Lord from heaven shall appear,
With ang’lic hosts around;
And all the dead, his voice shall hear,
Wak’d by the trumpet sound.

Then shall our bodies be renew’d
And fitted to embrace
The glorious presence of our God!
And to behold his face.

How happy will the righteous be
When raised from the dust:
From all distress and labour free,
And number’d with the just.

What glorious views beyond the grave!
Is by this doctrine giv’n;
What comforts faithful souls can have!
Who seek the joys of heav’n.