This Is The Fast Which That I Will Choos

This is the Fast, which I will choose,
The Burdens to undo;
The Bands of Wickedness to loose,
And let the Pris’ner go:
Let such who are opprest be freed,
Break ev’ry Yoke in twain,
Gladly supply the Brethren’s Need,
And thus allay their Pain:

To hungry Souls to deal thy Bread,
Nor thrust them from thy Door,
But in thine House a Table spread,
For all the cast-out Poor:
To all the Naked Cov’ring give,
Their drooping Hearts refresh;
Nor hide thyself, whilst thou dost live,
From those who’re thine own Flesh.

Attentive to the heav’nly word
We stand convicted deep,
That we ourselves, before the Lord,
This Fast can never keep:
But up we look unto our Head,
Jesus the Fast hath kept;
And us in him, thro’ all he did,
The Father doth accept.

He kept the Fast, which God did choose;
Our Burdens did undo;
Our Bands of Wickedness did loose,
And let us Pris’ners go:
From Sin’s Oppression us he freed,
Brake ev’ry Yoke in twain,
Gladly supply’d his Brethren’s need,
And sav’d us from Hell’s Pain.

To us he deals the living Bread,
Nor thrusts us from his Door;
But to his House, and Table spread,
He brings us cast-out Poor:
Cloath’d with the Labours of his Cross,
He did our Hearts refresh;
Nor did he hide himself from us,
But calls us his own Flesh.

Hail, Alpha and Omega, hail!
All hail, thou first and last!
O’er all our foes we shall prevail,
For thou hast kept the Fast:
Complete in thee, our dearest Lord,
Thy Works as ours are known:
We now, encourag’d by thy Word,
Conclude thy Fast’s our own.