This Is The Happy Christmas Morn

This is the happy Christmas morn,
This is the day the Christ was born;
Loud let the song of triumph ring;
Hosanna to our Savior King!
Joy to the world, the Lord has come!
Prepare the holy Christ-child room;
Lo, see, the Day-star dawneth bright!
O blessed Star, be Thou our light!
Thou heav’nly Guide,
With us abide! Amen.

Let heaven and earth with gladness ring!
The Savior comes, the new-born King!
Behold Him in a manger laid,
Sweet Babe in swaddling clothes arrayed:
He, the eternal Word of grace,
Comes down to save our fallen race.
Let earth rejoice in highest strains!
Glory to God, Messiah reigns!
In Him confide,
Whate’er betide! Amen.

Bright angel choirs in glitt’ring train,
With grand hosannas sweep the plain;
And unto humble shepherds bring
Tidings of Christ, the heav’nly King.
O loving Savior of our race,
In whom the rich and poor find grace,
We’ll spread Thy Gospel’s cheering ray!
Thou art the Life, the Truth, the Way:
Thyself accord To us, O Lord! Amen.