This Life Is A Garden

This life is a garden where action and deed
May spring into gladness by sowing the seed;
God give us abundantly sunshine and show’rs,
And we may have brambles, or beautiful flow’rs.

We’ll scatter good seed in word and in deed,
And Jesus will bless it, we know;
In mercy and love, for heaven above,
We’ll scatter good seed as we go.

The kindness to others, which all may bestow,
Will blossom for heaven from seed which we sow;
The words of salvation for lost ones will be
A crown of rejoicing for you and for me. [Chorus]

O we must be careful of seed that we sow,
Uprooting the weeds from the soil where they grow;
We’ll need to keep praying as onward we press,
And asking the Savior our efforts to bless. [Chorus]