This Life Is Like A Vapor That Soon Shal

This life is like a vapor
That soon shall pass away,
While dangers seen and unseen
Surround our steps each day;
But when the death-knell soundeth
we will not dread the shock,
If we are ever keeping
Close to the Living-Rock.

Keep close, close, close to Christ the Rock,
for ages it has sheltered and borne every shock.
Keep close, close, close to Christ the Rock,
No harm shall e’er befall thee,
When close to the Rock.

Although the days are evil,
For great is Satan’s sway,
His snares cannot o’er come us
While by this Rock we stay;
Hosts may encamp against us,
Our hearts shall feel no fear
If not the Rock, Christ Jesus,
We’re ever keeping near. [Chorus]

This Rock shall be our refuge
From foes on every hand;
This rock shall be a shadow
In earth’s sad, weary land;
This rock shall be our shelter
From every stormy blast;
This rock shall lead us onward
Till all life’s ills are past. [Chorus]