This Spacious Globe Of Earth

This spacious globe of earth,
It’s treasures, great and small,
With them that in it dwell, our God
Is sovereign Lord of all.
For he, upon the seas,
It’s firm foundations laid;
Upon the rowling floods, it’s base,
He unremoved hath stayed.

But, who Jehovah’s hill,
Shall happily ascend?
And who, within his holy place
Before him shall attend?
The man whose hands are clean,
And heart from stains is pure;
Whose soul’s not raised to vanity,
Nor can false oaths endure.

This man shall, from the Lord,
Receive the fullest bliss;
The God of his salvation shall
Him clothe with righteousness.
Who truly seek the Lord,
This is the happy race;
Whose pious souls devoutly seek
The God of Jacob’s face.

Second Part

My soul, unbar the gates,
Immortal doors give way;
That, with his graces, enter in,
The King of glory may,
Who is this glorious King?
The Lord whose powers excel;
Who comes in triumph, laden with
The spoils of earth and hell.

Be raised, ye heavenly gates,
Eternal doors give way;
That enter, with his train of saints,
The King of glory may.
This glorious King, who’s he?
The Lord of Hosts I sing;
That Lord whom heaven, and earth adore;
‘Tis he is glory’s King.