This World Has Nothing Sweet Or Fair

This world has nothing sweet or fair,
Nor lovely form of beauty,
That tells me not of Christ my King,
The source from whence they’re springing.

There’s nothing in this world to me,
So dear, so pure, so precious;
Not life itself so sweet can be,
As is the name of Jesus.

When morning paints the rosy sky,
When rise the golden sunbeams;
My Saviour dear, Thy name I praise,
Thou source of all my blessings. [Refrain]

And when the moonlight softly steals,
And heav’n, its eyes revealing;
I know that He who made the light,
Is still more brightly shining. [Refrain]

Sweet is the note the songbird sings,
And sweet is music’s quiv’ring;
But sweeter far Thy saving name,
Blest Lord and King and Saviour. [Refrain]