This World Is A Wilderness Wide

This world is a wilderness wide-
I have nothing to seek or to choose;
I’ve no thought in the waste to abide;
I’ve nothing to regret or to lose.

The path where our Savior is gone
Has led up to His Father and God-
To the place where He’s now on the throne,
And His strength shall be mine on the road.

With Him shall our rest be on high,
When in holiness bright I sit down-
In the joy of His love ever nigh-
In the peace that His presence shall crown.

‘Tis the treasure i’ve found in His love,
That has made me now pilgrims below;
And ’tis there, when O reach Him above,
As I’m known, all His fulness I’ll know.

And, Savior, ’tis Thou from on high,
I await till the time Thou shalt come
To take him Thou hast led by Thine eye,
To Thyself in Thy heavenly home.