This World Is Full Of Sickness And Sorro

This world is full of sickness and sorrow,
Full of woe, temptation, and sin;
Heavenly gates are standing wide open-
Standing wide open for you to come in.

Will you come in? will you come in?
Yield to the voice that will guide safely in;
Jesus is standing, receiving, and handing;
Calling for sinners, O will you come in?

Our Lord on earth did feel with deep pity,
Felt for souls fast falling in sin,
Many He raised out of deep degradation,
Still He cries loudly, O will you come in? [Refrain]

The vile did stare, oppose, and reject Him,
Blind and lame sang praises to Him.
Still He points to the gate of salvation,
Standing wide open for you to come in. [Refrain]

The gates of Heav’n where Jesus is standing,
Waiting there for us to come in,
Are open wide for them with salvation,
Yet none can enter unless without sin. [Refrain]