Thou Art Coming O My Savior Nelson

Thou art coming, O, my Savior,
Thou art coming, Christ, my Lord,
And what joy to my poor spirit,
Does this glorious thought afford;
Thou art coming in Thy glory,
And each tongue Thy praise shall swell,
For Thou comest as a victor
Over sin and death and hell.

Thou art coming, Jesus, Savior, not a man of sorrows now,
But a King of kings eternal and with glory on Thy brow;
How it hastes on wings of angels, does this blest millennial day;
May we all be watching, ready, Lord, to meet Thee on Thy way.

Thou art coming decked in glory,
Like ten thousand blazing suns,
And thy stay will not be transient,
For with Thee the kingdom comes;
With thy train of saints and angels,
And thy bright, resplendant throne,
Thou art coming in Thy triumph,
To call all Thy children home. [Chorus]

Thou art coming, graves shall open,
And the show decaying bones
Of dead saints shall then be quickened,
‘Mid the crash of tott’ring thrones;
All Thy living saints enraptured
Then shall meet Thee on Thy way,
And be like Thee in Thy glory
When they see Thee in that day. [Chorus]

Thou art coming, marching millions
With their cruel clash of arms
Shall be stopped in bloodiest conflict,
While the sight each soul alarms;
Scenes most awful, now secluded,
Shall be seen in plainest sight,
While the foulest schemes of monsters
Shall appear in clearest light. [Chorus]

Thou art coming! not a sorrow,
Nor a tear, regret, or pain
Shall be felt by those confiding
In the merits of Thy name;
They will share with Thee Thy triumph,
While eternal ages roll,
O, the joy, the bliss, the glory!
How the thought transports the soul. [Chorus]