Thou Art Drifting Down Lifes River

Thou art drifting down life’s river,
Drifting t’ward a sea,
From whose shore no bark returneth,
‘Tis Eternity.

Thou art drifting, thou art drifting,
Drifting to Eternity;
Thou art drifting, thou art drifting,
Drifting to Eternity.

At its mouth lie rocks tremendous,
Blacker than despair,
Many a noble bark, my brother,
Has been shipwrecked there. [Chorus]

Hark! the wild white waves are foaming,
Hungry, fierce, and bold,
O’er the shattered vessel dashing,
Dreadful, icy, cold. [Chorus]

But beyond these raging billows,
Lies a happy shore,
Where the saints, redeemed through Jesus,
Dwell forevermore. [Chorus]

Oh! my friend, thy bark shall never
Reach that happy shore,
Till the Lord becomes your Pilot,
He will guide thee o’er. [Chorus]

Call Him with entreaty urgent,
Call Him near thy side,
Then o’er roughest, darkest billows,
Safely thou shalt glide. [Chorus]