Thou Art O Lord My Strength And Stay

Thou art, O Lord, my strength and stay,
the succor which I crave;
Neglect me not, lest I be like
them that are laid in grave.

My voice and supplications hear,
when unto thee I cry,
When I lift up my hands unto
thy holy ark most high.

Repute me not among those men
in sin that take their fill,
That speak right fair unto their friends,
but think in heart full ill.

According to those wicked deeds
which they did most regard,
And after their inventions, Lord,
let them receive reward.

Because they never mind the works
of God, he will therefore,
Instead of building of them up,
destroy them evermore.

To render thanks unto the Lord,
how great a cause have I,
My voice, my prayer and my complaint
that heard so willingly!

He is my shield and fortitude,
my buckler in distress;
My heart rejoiceth greatly, and
my song shall him confess.

He is our strength and our defence,
our foes for to resist,
The health and the salvation of
his own elect by Christ.

Thy people and thy heritage,
Lord, bless, guide, and preserve;
Increase them, Lord, and rule their hearts,
that they may never swerve.