Thou Art The Way The Truth The Life From

Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life from heaven,
This blest assurance Thou to us hast given;
O wilt Thou teach us, Lord, to win Thy pleasure
In fullest measure?

Thou art the Way: to reach our destination
We sorely need Thee, Fount of our salvation;
Lest we should stumble when our sins beset us,
Do not forget us.

Thou art the Truth: though darkness overtake us,
Thy heavenly light will nevermore forsake us;
O shine within us, all our gloom dispelling,
Make us Thy dwelling.

Thou art the Life: to all Thine own Thou givest
Eternal life where Thou forever livest;
There without ceasing, as we stand before Thee,
Let us adore Thee.