Thou Art With Me Though Far From Friends

Thou art with me! Tho’ far from friends and home
And country too, I am no more alone;
Friendless and lonely I can never be
Since Thou, O Lord, art evermore with me.

What is it, Lord, Thou sayest unto me?
“Fear not, My servant, I will be with thee!”
O Lord, I thank Thee for that sweet “I will!”
Since Thou art with me I will fear no ill.

With me! Yes, hour by hour, and day by day
Thou art my Guide, my Comforter, and Stay!
No other friend could be so close or near
As Thou art to me, Jesus, Saviour dear! [Chorus]

With me in all my trouble and distress;
With me in all my joy and happiness;
In all my care, perplexity, and pain,
Thou art at hand to comfort and sustain. [Chorus]

From Thy free presence whither can I flee?
Waking or sleeping I am still with Thee;
Trials lose their terrors, and temptations fly,
Jesus, my Saviour, when Thou art so nigh. [Chorus]

I cannot see Thee with these mortal eyes,
And yet Thy promise, Lord, I realize;
For Thy perpetual presence is to me,
An actual fact, a glad reality! [Chorus]