Thou Biddest Us To Seek Thee Early

Thou bid’st us seek Thee early,
And we shall surely find;
We come, O blessed Jesus,
Our Saviour true and kind!
We come in time of gladness,
We come in hours of grief,
With childhood’s joys so transient,
With childhood’s sorrow brief.

We have not seen the glory
Which Bethlehem’s shepherds saw,
Nor heard the midnight anthem
They heard with wondering awe;
In rapturous haste they sought Thee,
The Christ so lowly born;
We, too, would seek Thee early
In life’s rejoicing morn.

Lord, give us now Thy Spirit;
Grant us Thy constant grace,
Till, having sought Thee early,
At length we see Thy face;
See Thee in cloudless glory,
The Lamb who once was slain;
And join the host of ransomed
Who follow in Thy train.