Thou Camest Down From Heaven On High

Thou camest down from heav’n on high,
O Son of God the Father,
For this lost world to bleed and die,
Thy straying sheep to gather,
The works of Satan to destroy,
To turn our sorrow into joy.

In Thee the blind receive their sight,
The lame with joy are leaping,
The sorrowful find pure delight,
The weary peaceful sleeping;
Thou givest speech unto the dumb,
And vibrant life to senses numb.

Thou Who hast broken Satan’s power,
Be Thou our Strength, dear Jesus!
Uphold us in the evil hour,
And from his might release us!
His kingdom is a stronghold still,
And legions hearken to his will.

But O, before Thy Word, dear Lord,
The prince of darkness trembles!
He quails before that two-edged Sword
When Thine armed host assembles!
O mighty Word, how great thy power!
Thou art our refuge, shield, and tower.