Though All Along My Happy Pilgrim Race

Tho’ all along my happy pilgrim race
My treasures small and very few may be,
My soul is blest with heaven’s saving grace,
And that is enough, enough for me.

Oh, that’s enough for me,
His truth has set me free;
The blood of Christ has sanctified my soul,
And that is enough for me.

With food and raiment, promised ever sure,
My simple fare-a healthful luxury-
I’ve laid some treasures up in heaven’s store,
And that’s gold enough, enough for me. [Refrain]

I need to join no earth-begotten thing,
The church that Jesus built is all I see,
And God Himself has truly set me in,
And that’s surely good enough for me. [Refrain]

The blood of Christ has washed my garments white,
His mighty truth has fully set me free;
His spirit floods my happy soul with light,
And that wondrous joy’s enough for me. [Refrain]

Echoes from Glory, (Timeless Truths)