Though All My Earth Treasures Be Taken F

Tho’ all my earth treasures be taken from me,
E’en those that I prize most of all,
By faith His dear love in my sorrow I’ll see,
Tho’ grief and temptation befall.

I’ll trust Him, I’ll trust Him
O’er life’s stormy sea,
I’ll trust Him, I’ll trust Him,
Wherever I be;
I’ll trust Him, I’ll trust Him
By night and by day,
O yes, I will trust Him,
Tho’ me He should slay.

And if in the bloom of my strong hopeful life,
He sends me long watches of pain,
I meekly will fold my poor hands from the strife,
Nor grieve that my plans were in vain. [Chorus]

Tho’ friends should forsake me and leave me alone,
And Marah’s full cup I should quaff,
Though peace never come and my rest be a stone,
He’ll still be my rod and my staff. [Chorus]

My rod and my staff, yes, on Him will I lean,
When through the deep waters I go,
In Him will I trust, and my soul be serene,
Though billows of woe overflow. [Chorus]