Though All Others May Forsake Theres One

Tho’ all others may forsake,
There’s One whose faithfulness is sure;
Naught my faith in Him can shake,
For in His care I am secure.

Jesus is the Friend for me,
Ever true to Him I’ll be;
He’s my Pilot o’er life’s sea,
He’s the Friend of friends to me.

Darkness comes, I lose my way,
Unconsciously afar I roam;
Then I hear my Shepherd say;
“Fear not, My child, I’ll guide you home.” [Chorus]

When the storms beat round my soul,
And I would perish in despair,
Jesus comes and takes control
And guides me safely ev’rywhere. [Chorus]

When at last I leave this shore
And face the land of cloudless day,
When the fearful breakers roar,
He will be near to lead the way. [Chorus]