Though All The Joys Of Earth Combine

Tho’ all the joys of earth combine
To make my pathway bright,
My joy eternal, Light Divine,
My Joy of Joys is Jesus.

Dearer than all, dearer than all,
Tho’ joy or grief o’ertake me,
His loving arm
Shields me from harm
And keeps me close to Him.
Dearer than all, dearer than all,
Tho’ all the world forsake me,
He guides me, keeps me, loves me still;
Dearer than all is Jesus.

Tho’ friends be ever kind and true,
Unfailing, ever near;
Tho’ friends be many or but few,
My dearest Friend is Jesus. [Chorus]

Tho oft the days so dark may be
I cannot see His face,
‘Tis then I think of Calvary,
And bear my cross for Jesus. [Chorus]

But some glad day He’ll call to me
To lay my burdens down;
With Him forever more I’ll be,
And wear my crown for Jesus. [Chorus]