Though All Things This World Holds As Pr

Tho’ all things this world holds are precious
Are taken from me here below,
There’s one precious truth that I treasure,
Jesus is real, this I know.

Jesus is real and precious to me,
Jesus is real to me;
All that the world holds as treasure may go,
But Jesus is real to me.

Should some earthly care come oppressing,
Some cloud thro’ which I cannot see,
I’ve one constant Friend, it is Jesus,
He is as real as can be. [Refrain]

Alone, and away from my loved ones,
No words from their lips can I hear;
And yet there is One far more precious,
Jesus is real, and is near. [Refrain]

O soul, in this world ever changing,
Now seeking some friend that is true,
There’s One who is steadfast, unfailing,
Jesus is real; He seeks you. [Refrain]