Though Christ Had Borne My Load Of Sin

Tho’ Christ had borne my load of sin,
I found a stubborn foe within
That sought to overthrow:
Against its blighting pow’r I fought,
And freedom from its presence sought,
I wanted peace to know.

All glory, Lord, to thee
For giving victory;
Thy blood hath wrought a perfect cure,
All glory, Lord, to thee.

It tried to turn me to the wrong,
Opposed all good, resisted strong,
When I would do aright:
And yet thro’ grace and pow’r divine,
The victory of faith was mine,
Tho’ terrible the fight. [Refrain]

That inward foe had much annoyed,
But now, praise God, it is destroyed,
My soul in Christ is free:
No more could I the strife endure;
The blood then wrought a perfect cure,
All glory, Lord, to thee. [Refrain]

So now his presence all the time
Doth fill my heart with peace sublime-
A peace unknown before:
O Lord, by thy divine bequest
I now have perfect inward rest,
Sweet rest forevermore. [Refrain]

Tho’ Satan rages all around,
There’s nothing in my bosom found
To hinder or annoy;
But grace and glory from above,
Revealing Father’s wondrous love,
A source of constant joy. [Refrain]