Though Clouds Be Dark And Storms Arise

Tho’ clouds be dark and storms arise,
And life seems all in vain;
Soon will appear within the skies,
Clear shining after rain.

Then trust Him till His blessed face you see
And shout this glad refrain;
The light will break and there will be,
Clear shining after rain.

Tho’ tempests wild thy path enshroud,
Fear not the darkest night;
For God is back of ev’ry cloud,
And where He is is light. [Refrain]

From sorrow there will be release,
And rest from ev’ry pain;
For God will send with His sweet peace,
“Clear shining after rain.” [Refrain]

So never fear, whate’er befall,
Be steadfast, brave and true;
For God is good, and over all
His love is shining thro’. [Refrain]