Though Dark The Path May Sometimes Seem

Tho’ dark the path may sometimes seem,
And shadows drear be o’er our way,
We do not know why tears and pains
Should hide from us the light of day.

God knows, He knows,
God knows; it is enough for me;
He knows, and so I am content,
God knows, He knows.

Life’s mysteries so oft perplex,
Our wav’ring faith is sorely tried,
We see but clouds where should be sun,
And hope within our hearts has died. [Refrain]

When lov’d ones beyond the vale,
And doubts and fears before us rise,
We wonder why our hopes are crush’d,
And tears bedim our weary eyes. [Refrain]

Ah, yes, God knows; it is enough,
He knows; be true in ev’ry test;
Some blessed day we’ll understand,
And know that all God’s ways were best. [Refrain]