Though Dead In Sin I Once Had Lain

Tho’ dead in sin I once had lain,
And void of life devine;
I was by grace restor’d again,
And Jesus now is mine.

His grace has made my soul alive,
His graces from above,
Cause me in faith and hope to thrive,
And daily grow in love.

True holiness my heart desires,
And holy I must be,
A holy heart the Lord requires,
His face in heav’n to see.

Tho’ I had all my sins forgiv’n,
But yet to vice a slave,
And could possess the courts of heav’n,
What comforts could I have?

Was I invited to a feast,
And welcome to the place;
Half naked, ragged, meanly dress’d,
How could I show my face?

Such is the case with sinners too,
Should they with angels dwell,
Their just and holy God to view,
Would prove to them a hell.

Grant me dear Lord thy spirit’s pow’r,
To make me pure in heart,
Which makes me able to endure
To see thee as thou art.